CanvasCamp StarShade 1700 大型天幕(整組)


總重 72.6公斤
帆布重 43.7公斤
中柱重 28.9公斤


The 1700 PRO stands roughly 5.3m (17ft4in) tall and covers approximately 74m² (800 ft²). 1700天幕高約5.3公尺(17英尺4英吋),佔地約74平方公尺(800平方英尺)。 The height is an estimate because the telescoping center pole is adjustable with an removable hand crank. 高度是一個估計值,因為中柱可調整伸縮,使用可拆卸的手柄調節。 The tent canopy accommodates approximately 88 people seated at banquet tables, 140 people standing, or 120 people fist pumping around 4 separate breakdance circles. 天幕可容納大約88人使用宴會桌,140人站立,或是120人圍站4個分開的地板舞空間。 Obviously the Starshade is the ideal choice for event tents for corporate events, weddings, and hosting family reunions. 顯然地,星狀天幕是舉辦群露、商業活動、婚禮、家庭聚會最好的選擇。 The Starshade 1700 PRO is a large party tent perfect for big outdoor events, corporate-sponsor displays, trade shows, and weddings. 星狀17米Pro是最大的派對帳,完美適合大型戶外活動,團體贊助活動展演,園遊會,婚禮。 If you're having a party that requires a big tent, the Starshade is the perfect opportunity to get sponsors and partners involved. 如舉辦派對並需要大型帳,星型天幕是舉辦方和參與者最完美的選擇。 No need to have anything printed directly on the tent, banner loops are built in.  無需在帳篷上直接印刷任何東西, Accommodating 88 sitting guests to 120 standing people, this festive tent is the perfect addition to your get together with family and friends or event with colleagues. 由於可容納88人坐著和140人站著,這個活動天幕可完美容納家庭、朋友團、同事之間的活動。 The adjustable center pole makes a perfect pitch possible in 20 minutes with two people. 可調節的中柱兩人只需花費20分鐘就可搭建。 This canopy tent relies on the high tensile strength of our burly waterproof fabric suspended by a single center pole. 天幕依賴結實防水布織品的高緊張度懸掛在單支中柱上。 Starshade Connectors can be used to create covered walkways between tents to create a multiple room tent for your guests to explore. 星形連結帳可在帳篷間構成走廊並連結多數的帳篷,避免你的賓客曝露在外。 Banner Loops Personalizing or customizing your StarShade tent is made possible with loops at the top. 使用星形狀頂端的環圈可以做客製化和訂製的可能。 Up to 6 banners can be fit on the tent with a maximum size of 2 m wide and 1 m high (78,5" x 39"). 6條布條配合帳篷可達到最大尺寸2公尺寬和1公尺高 This offers plenty of promotional space and is ideal for exhibitions and sponsored events. 此天幕提供了更多豐富的空間供給展覽和贊助活動。 We get a lot of requests to print logos directly on the tent fabric. 我們接到許多要求希望直接將logo印製在天幕的布上。 Although this is a request we can accommodate for larger orders, 雖然大量訂單我們可以做到此要求, we strongly recommend using removeable banners. 但我們強烈建議使用可拆裝的布條。 Starshades are made to last, and therefore you will probably want to use them for multiple events over years. 星形天幕是為了長久使用設計的,因此你可以使用許多年和舉辦無數次活動。 You will want the ability to swap out banners to suit the occasion and also win over sponsors by offering advertising space. 你會希望說可以依場合或是贊助商的廣告需求來更換標誌。 At for evening events Starshade photograph best lit up from the inside without any inscriptions on them at all. 在傍晚或夜晚時,在天幕內點亮燈火,沒有商標阻礙時拍照效果最好。 Starshades also have great resell value, as long as they don’t have “Joe and Sue 2012” permanently printed on the side. 而沒有無法移除的標記和商標,天幕也有絕佳的轉售價值。 Custom banners don’t require any special adaptions to work on a Starshade. 客製布條不需要對天幕做任何特別的改造。 Your local screen printer or sign specialist is more than qualified to make them exactly to your specifications. 你附近的網版印刷廠就可以完成天幕布條需要的規格。 When the show is over and it’s time to pack up the tent, take that banner off and put it somewhere it will be seen! 當表演或活動結束,就可以將布條拆卸掛至其他群眾看得到的地方。 Six Archways 六道拱道 Six elegant archways make up the signature star shape of the Starshade. 六道優雅的拱門形成了天幕的特徵星形。 Each point of the Starshade 1700 Pro 8,4m (27ft6in) away from the next point. 星形帳的每支點相距8.4公尺(27英尺6英吋)。 The top of each archway is 2,3m (7ft5in) high. 每道拱門高約2.3公尺(7英尺5英吋)。 Only the stilt walkers you’ve hired for your event will need to duck their heads to get inside. 只有活動需要的踩高蹺表演人員需要低頭進去。 Every archway is equipped with zippers that you can use to attach optional side walls, 每道拱門均配有拉鍊,你可以選擇拉上帆布變成邊牆, or a connector to create an awning for your doorway or covered walkway to a second Starshade. 或是使用連結帳做成門廊,或是當成走廊連結第二個天幕。 Side Panels and Connectors 側邊面板和連結帳 Take customization to the next level with these optional extensions for your event tent. 有了這些配件,可以將天幕的客製化活用更進階。 Side Panels can be zipped in to offer extra protection against wind and rain. 側邊面板可以用拉鍊拉上提供額外的保護抵抗風和雨。 Each panel is equipped with a zipper door.  每個側邊面板均配有拉鍊門。 Connectors can be used to link StarShade tents to one another,creating whole tent cities if you’d like to. 連結帳可以用於連結兩個天幕,甚至連成一個小城鎮市集都可以。 A connector could also be used as an awning or to make the entrance of the tent more visually stunning. 單獨使用連結帳時可以當作入口遮雨棚,增加天幕的美觀。 Side Panels typically come in white or transparent and can be purchased in any color or quantity, 側邊面板一般是提供白色或透明或是可購買任何顏色和數量。 so mix and match them as you wish to customize your party tent anyway you want.    所以你可以做任何搭配組合來繽紛你的派對。

High-End Fabric 高級布料 StarShade event tents are made of waterproof and UV resistant high performance Oxford Polyester 600DX300D (340 g/m²). 星形天幕使用防水、抗UV、高性能牛津聚酯纖維製造600DX300D (340 g/m²)。 The stability of the single pole design is dependent on the tensile strength of the fabric, 單支中柱的穩定度依賴布面的拉緊強度, so we spared no expense in making it bulletproof. 所以我們沒有多餘的成本可以做防彈功能。 Organizing a wedding reception or corporate event can be stressful. 舉辦婚禮或是團體活動需要擔心許多因素。 Under a Starshade, the weather is one less thing you won’t have to worry about. 在星型天幕下,天氣是你最不需要煩惱的。 The Starshade offers easy breezy shade from the sun, 天幕提供只有微微的陽光穿透, but if unexpected weather hits the Starshade holds up equally well to to rain and even snow. 但如果是下雨或是下雪也可以承受。 Everything CanvasCamp brands with the PRO label has a little something extra. 只要是CanvasCamp標榜的Pro系列我們都會額外再做加強。 The Starshade PRO has an additional PU coating to resist mold and extend the life of your tent. Pro天幕增加了PU塗層將強抵抗並延伸帳篷的使用期限。 Telescopic Pole and Pegs 伸縮式中柱和營釘 To hold its shape, the canopy of the Starshade tent relies on the high tensile strength of our burly waterproof fabric suspended by a single center pole. 為了保持形狀,天幕依賴結實防水布織品的高緊張度懸掛在單支中柱上 To facilitate set up easy enough to do yourself, we’ve built in a hand crank into the telescoping center pole. 為了讓使用者安裝更簡易,我們在延伸中柱上加建了手動曲柄。 As the tent shifts in the wind and the ground underneath settles, 當風量變化或是地質改變, you can easily add more tension with a few turns of the crank shaft. 你只需簡易的轉動手動曲柄就可以增加布的緊度。 The handle can be removed to prevent it from snagging elbows and ruining pictures.    手動曲柄可以拆卸,以防勾住或是不美觀。



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